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VonZeti - Base Plate T68, T67, T66, T57, T63 - Vonzeti

VonZeti – Base Plate T68, T67, T66, T57, T63

£30.00 excl. VAT

Product Description

For mounting Electrical’s such as Rear Lights, Indicators, M-Units, VERY small Batteries and anything else beneath the Cowl of your chosen Cafe Racer Seat, the ‘Base plate’ will allow you to do so! The Base plate is simply a Steel plate cut in the exact shape of the Seat footprint, that’ll mount between the Seat and the Frame/Subframe, and give you the ability to mount anything you’d prefer to remain unseen or suspend above the Rear Wheel.

The size of the Base plate will obviously change depending on your chosen Seat, at this time we can build Base plates for the following Seats; T68, T67, T68, T57 and T63 Seat.